Nightshade was created for the community as a safe space for all. Please read through this set of house rules to make sure we all can benefit from the security and safety of sanctuary.
Keep it cute and keep it sexy!



Though Nightshade is located in a kink-friendly neighborhood deemed as the official LGBTQ and Leather District in San Francisco, we still want to practice respect and regard to others:

  • No loitering outside.

  • Do not engage in loud conversation and practice discretion when discussing activities.

  • Do not wear inappropriate attire in and out of the space. Make sure any BDSM toys are not visible from bags.

  • If exiting the building to move a car, please make sure the door closes completely behind you.



A myriad of activities and a variety of people will be taking place and entering the space. Please come in with an open mind and respectful demeanor with the safety of all in mind.


  • No non-consensual activities.

  • No screaming or loud yelling, except in case of emergency.

  • No illegal activities.

  • No illegal drugs.

  • No performance-enhancing drugs (can lead to medical emergencies).

  • No one under 18 years of age.

  • No play allowed with anyone inebriated or not of sound mind.

  • No unsupervised use of bondage, blindfolds, or gags.

  • No non-consensual photography or video.

  • No wax play without a surface cover.

  • No fire play 

  • No gunplay.

  • No sharp knife play.

  • No choking.

  • No smoking inside.

  • No personal locks on the equipment.

  • Practice using safewords!