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Hollywood Texas


Hollywood Texas (she, her, hers) is a sacred healer of the First Gender: our Indigenous, Intersex, Intergender and Interspirit way of being a Human Being. She offers an authentic healing touch through a uniquely crafted bodywork practice; one which can combine pain relief therapy with a pleasure activation therapy called Conscious Erotic Touch.


“Every body is unique and so are the movements / signals called pleasure and pain which are expressed within each of us. Whereas most bodywork is formulated within the context of relieving pain, or easing movement, my aim is to guide in the restoration of purpose. Every human is a sensual being and the purpose of our body (its muscle, facia, skin and bone) is not merely structural / functional; but just as equally, if not more so, found within the pleasurable. Conscious Erotic Touch is an ancient healing language “The Laying Of Hands” that unlocks the path towards thriving authentically; which is by no coincidence, usually blocked by some sort of pain/painful pattern. Once pain can learn to ease its communications, sacred space is made for more authentic pleasure patterns to be created. I work with each individual body and its very unique needs and desires to co-facilitate the healing power of pleasure. If your body is not yet ready for physical contact, my touch is not limited to the physical body but can focus more on the subtle body, through energetic touch.”


I am a minister performing sacred healing services: Offered On A Sliding Scale. Donations For Spiritual Service range from $100 - $250 /hr based on lived experiences with Intersectionality. If you would like to donate the gift of touch to another body, please include their contact info in your comment. 


CONTACT me here to set up a free virtual consultation:

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