Nightshade is the name of a plant family that carries the meaning of truth and Sanctuary is the container for those truths to be explored in. Thus, Nightshade Sanctuary was created as a community space to explore the many facets of kink, to play with artistic expression, and to provide a safe space for education.


March marked the one year anniversary of this city sanctuary being open and it was with great sadness that instead of celebrating, we were forced to cancel all events and lock up the doors. It really goes without saying that the impact of COVID-19 has been devastating for a multitude of individuals and small businesses. And though Nightshade was conjured up by one person, it was brought to life with the help of so many others.


At this time, I am once again reminded that it takes the care and generosity of numerous hearts to keep a space open and thriving. And so, I humbly ask for support; to preserve this space in order to have it available not only for individuals but for the entire community that encompasses the Bay Area’s kinky family. If you or anyone you know is in a position to donate funds, any offering-big or small would be greatly appreciated. I have faith that we can reestablish, rebuild and reconnect bigger, better, and stronger. 


With Gratitude,

                      Lillian Bastet

Donate on Venmo at @nightshadesf

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